Ball Blast

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About Ball Blast

Ball Blast is a super addictive arcade game that boosts reflexes. Your task is to control the cannon to shoot numbers that fall from above unexpectedly.

In this game, you will encounter a lot of stubborn and potentially harmful barriers. When you have the best possible support tools, the game will become more and more a thrilling and engaging experience for you. If you encounter any obstacle, you will lose the game and have to start from the beginning.

Use your weapon to shoot down all the obstacles coming down from above. A number is assigned to each obstacle. To complete this mission, you will need to aim and fire the appropriate amount of ammo at different obstacles. If you shoot the target until the number shown on the target is zero, the target will automatically turn into the gilded orb.

How to win the game

You will use either the mouse or your finger to operate a cannon, and you will swipe left and right to advance the cannon while simultaneously firing its projectiles. Crystals bearing a variety of numbers are going to be hurled down at you from the top of the screen. Those numbers indicate the number of times you need to discharge the gems in order to remove them from view and progress through the level.