Among Us

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Play an entertaining online multiplayer game, called Among Us to be a crewmate or an imposter on the spaceship and complete your mission. Try to survive for as long as possible.

This arcade game has two characters. You can play as an imposter or a crewmate.

Crewmate Character

If you are a member of the crew, you will receive a task list. Work with your teammates to finish all tasks as quickly as possible to win. Also, report as soon as you find any crew members on the spacecraft that you can't trust.

Impostor character

In contrast, your objective is to eliminate as many of the spaceship's crew members as possible as an imposter. You can either pretend to be a member of the crew or destroy the oxygen or reactor to attract their attention. You can kill them once they arrive to fix the problem.

Among Us Controls

  • Move by using the WASD or ARROW KEYS.
  • To use, press the SPACEBAR or the E key.
  • To kill, press the Q key.
  • To report a fake, press the R key.

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