Age Of War

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About Age Of War

Welcome to the defense strategy struggles with beautiful prehistoric graphics in the game Age Of War. Your task is to create units to defend your territory.

When participating in this game you will be living in many contexts representing different eras. Starting out as a caveman, you fight the opposition with stones and sticks. You will then transcend the past and start using current tools and technologies to achieve modern civilization. This is a great defense strategy game to entertain your friends and family.

5 periods for you to fight

  • Stone age
  • Castle age
  • Renaissance age
  • Modern age
  • Future age

How to play

You will start playing in the stone age where there are only caves and dinosaurs. And your only options are kicks and sticks. You can move to the next age after earning enough XP. Technology has changed over time.

You must build turrets, set up various fortifications around your base, and develop your forces if you want to survive the game.

The health meter of each soldier is located above your base and you must pay attention to it. Try to prevent the enemy from reaching your base. The game will end if the health bar reaches 0 so pay attention to these things.

Organize your attack and deploy your men to the enemy base in a planned manner.

You have access to two special attacks, including cannon and hail attacks. When there are several enemy units approaching you, it is best to use these special attacks.